Take Jack is a nine-member collaborative ensemble of Sonoma County-based singers, composers, and musicians. The Jacks beautifully navigate a lively and wide-ranging repertoire of original compositions and arrangements infused with stellar harmonies and informed by folk, roots, rock, choral, and jazz traditions. Their mix runs the gamut from a cappella to various additions of guitar, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica, harmonium, banjo, drums, toy piano and bass. A good amount of fun is involved.  As someone, somewhere, summed it up “… sort of a handshake between Manhattan Transfer, The Band, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.”
Take Jack includes Clare Broussard, JT Devine, Robin Eschner, Bill Horvitz, Dennis Hysom, Shari Kovner, Chris Smith, Mike VanDordrecht and Gene Wright.

For Booking Information, please contact Robin Eschner

Take Jack with NAMES 7 2013

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Terra Freedman said:

    I really enjoy your music: your voices and repertoire. Do you ever entertain the thought of adding a new member? I am a 59 year-old Sonoma County woman who loves to sing and has been looking for a small group or single person to sing with. Maybe you would have some recommendations? Any chance of meeting up sometime in the coming months to discuss (sing) together?

  2. Robin– Is there a CD available? Thank you. Peter Dullea

    • Hi Peter, no CD yet, though we did get some nice recordings from the two Minnesota concerts and will be recording the concerts here on March 19th as well. I could likely at least send you something that would be a listenable representation…

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